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With so much information clutter today, how can you break out of the crowd and deliver a powerful message to internal stakeholders and key external audiences?

LinkSpace® is an easy-to-use message management tool for communications professionals. It allows you to link information—across formats and platforms—and share it within and outside of your organization.

Tell the World

How can an organization stand out in this information avalanche and influence public opinion?

LinkSpace® allows you to deliver your perspectives on news and information throughout the Web, at the touch points your audience visits most. Deliver continual information to your media contacts, pre-searched for their convenience. Respond to breaking news in real time - in the medium your audience uses most. Enrich your relationships with clients, prospects, trade associations and other key audiences, making them a virtual part of your organization.

By presenting your story in context with third-party news and information, you gain instant credibility, significantly increasing the odds of follow-up calls and publicity.

Manage the News

Any article becomes your opportunity to Inform, Shape Opinion, and Mobilize your audience.

LinkSpace® gives you unlimited flexibility in segmenting your audience and message. You have boundless opportunities to shape opinion, influence and mobilize each audience as they browse the news. Develop highly targeted links for

  • Internal audiences
  • The media
  • PR agencies
  • Affiliates
  • Association members
  • Clients
  • Investors
  • Prospects

and other audiences.

Share Knowledge Across Your Organization

A presentation here. A Web page there. A clippings file somewhere else. How does a busy communications group organize related information and maximize its value? LinkSpace® makes it easy.

Imagine your company has released its quarterly results. LinkSpace® allows you to link all of the relevant documentsyour press release, media coverage of your news, a PDF file of your annual report and the PowerPoint presentation your CFO delivered—and share it all company wide.

Everything neatly—and completely—connected and presented in context. You ensure that everyone in your organization is aware of company initiatives, external press coverage and competitors’ actions, and enable them to present a single, on-point message to clients and the media.

No Ph.D. Needed

LinkSpace is easy to administer and use.

The program works seamlessly with Microsoft® Office® and Internet Explorer. Just distribute a simple browser plug-in to external users and create accounts for them.

You’re always in complete control of which information reaches which audience. And you can easily manage publishing privileges and user accounts from a central control panel.

Demonstrate the Value of Your Communications Group

If your communications group is like most these days, you’re trying to accomplish a Herculean internal and external communications job with limited resources. LinkSpace lets you leverage your resources and create maximum awareness.

  • Keep top management and other key stakeholders fully apprised of external perceptions
  • Craft on-point communications based on real-time news and information
  • Demonstrate a comprehensive, competent PR effort
  • Avoid embarrassing news “surprises”
  • Maximize the impact of your message by delivering it to an already-engaged audience


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