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Capturing and sharing knowledge is one of the biggest challenges for competitive information-based companies.  Knowledge that is captured — and shared — increases employee productivity, improves work product and assures continuity with employee turnover.  LinkSpace® tools and technology enable a new paradigm for knowledge management and collaboration. 

Searching for knowledge? Good Luck!

Information is scattered everywhere — in company portals, on network drives and across the Web.   Knowledge workers are searching these sources for information and assembling that information into knowledge every day.   However, even with the best tools available today, a search is like walking through a maze turning over stones.  In fact, the problem is getting worse, not better.  As corporate computer networks grow, search and navigation become even more frustrating--and often fruitless. 

 Failure to find.  Failure to remember.  Failure to share. Information-based companies must capture and share the knowledge of which paths to take and which stones to turn

Creating Opportunities to Capture and Share Knowledge

Knowledge is exchanged at touch points.   For instance, a meeting is a touch point where knowledge is exchanged.  A touch point can also be an object of shared interest – a document on your network, a record in a database, or a page on the Web — where people with a common interest intersect and knowledge can be shared.  LinkSpace® tools and technology provide a pervasive environment where any information, any where, can become a touch point — an opportunity to capture and share knowledge. 

 Knowledge Continuity

 With LinkSpace®, you’re assured that key corporate knowledge will survive staffing changes, reorganizations and other disruptions. New employees can immediately access important, interconnected information, and nothing is dropped or missed.

Open Collaboration — Connecting the Dots

Collaboration is a team knowledge management process bringing diverse groups of contributors together, usually in a shared environment, to solve problems.  LinkSpace® takes collaboration to the next level — creating a collaboration environment that is open, persistent and pervasive.  When users interact in this open and cross-disciplinary knowledge sharing environment, a new level of knowledge is created.  Much like connecting the dots in a child’s connect-the-dots puzzle, when connections are made and shared, new knowledge is revealed.  And, like that puzzle, when the dots are connected, the puzzle does not have to be retraced.



LinkSpace™ Technology

Our Tag and Connect™ client software technology allowing users to easily link related information in any format — presentations, spreadsheets, video clips, Web sites correspondence, and more — bringing instant organization and efficiency. Once a link is created, and stored in a Found Engine® it is shared with other Tag and Connect™ users, immediately magnifying the impact of the discovered knowledge.

LinkSpace products allow you to:

  • Capture and share learning and knowledge
  • Link information across media and platforms and share it with any other user group you choose
  • Facilitate communication and collaboration
  • Influence important internal and external audiences
  • Reduce duplication of search and research
  • Allow speedier, better-informed decision-making
  • Save time and money

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