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The Web offers access to a wealth of information – if you know where to look.

 Semantic Web visionaries hope that one day all the information published on the Web will be so well defined that intelligent software agents will be able to assemble bits of information from across the Web into complete authoritative responses to ad hoc queries.  This is easily achieved for well characterized data (e.g. What is the outside temperature in the area of zip code 14710?)  However, credible results are impossible for complex topics where the response is multifaceted and dependent on experience and opinion, (e.g. when will the Semantic Web be available?) 

 The LinkSpace™ Vision

 At LinkSpace® we envision people creating an organic (human-generated) layer of organization on top of the web by semantically connecting related information. 

Imagine distributed collections across the Web being intelligently integrated into one virtual inter-related collection.  Imagine content as it is added to the web being placed in context of the entire collection. 

 This is our vision of the Organic Semantic Web™

There is no artificial intelligence yet capable of identifying and creating those semantic relationships but people are doing it every day as they use the Web for research.  That’s what makes our vision achievable and valuable – today!

 LinkSpace® technologies let people create and share semantic connections – contextually organizing all perspectives, background and related information in any format, across repositories.  These semantic connections are stored in a Found Engine® which works in the background as a web service to deliver those connections when and where they are needed.

 Use LinkSpace® technology to semantically organize the Web and other networks to deliver Semantic Web value and create new paths to information – today! 

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