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People visit portal destinations for reliable - and comprehensive -  news and information.  News-portal users, in this time of rapid global change, want more than the day’s headlines; they want related stories that can help them put news in context.  Information-portal users, with little time, but vast resources to consider, want to find and navigate relevant information quickly.  If they can’t find it they will move on.

LinkSpace® is an easy-to-use navigation tool for news and information portals. It allows you to offer links to related information with every page in your portal.  Faster access to richer information increases audience satisfaction with your portal.

Hurdle the Hierarchy

Most portals are organized with broad hierarchical categories that help users to quickly navigate to the information they need.  Unfortunately, this ease of navigation from general categories to specific categories can sometimes lead users down the wrong path, inadvertently excluding important resources

LinkSpace®® allows users to hurdle the hierarchy and follow alternate paths to information.  By linking related information and presenting those relationships in context, you can create multi-dimensional navigation paths not only up and down the hierarchy but across it.

Leverage Your Portal Content

You have a rich collection of news and information in your archives; the trick is organizing and presenting it to visitors in a meaningful way.  Every item competes for placement on a portal’s home page.  As the volume of information grows, users have to dig deeper and deeper for complete information. 

LinkSpace™ allows you to increase awareness of your portal content by offering related links on every page.  You can link relevant, pre-searched information -  archived stories, background information, op-ed pieces, related Web sites and more -  and make any page a touch point that is linked to related information deep in your portal. 


People love to browse information.  When you offer relevant links, in context, you lead users along a self guided path of discovery.  When a user reaches a dead end in that path of discovery they stop or pick up a search engine, leaving your portal behind.

LinkSpace® allows you to offer readers the next page at every step.  We call it LinkSurfing®.  LinkSpace’s Found Engine® offers links to related content with such clear context that a user can quickly sort and select related information that is important to them.  Faster navigation to important information provides a more satisfying reader experience. 

Added Value = Added Users

Your users are bombarded with news and information daily.  Yet this information is often delivered in piecemeal fashion, from numerous sources, at different times, in varying levels of detail.  By offering paths to a complete collection of resources , you gain instant credibility and positive word of mouth, encouraging regular site visits.

LinkSpace® can help you become a vital part of your users’ daily Web experience: a virtual extension of their household or organization. 

It’s Easy

LinkSpace™ products are easy to administer and use.  Web editors and content creators use Tag and Connect™ and the Enterprise Found Engine™ to relate pages in your portal.  When a portal page is requested, the Enterprise Found Engine provides a “Related Links” frame, to be embedded in the page, which offers related content in context. 

You’re always in complete control of which information reaches which audience. And you can easily manage publishing privileges and user accounts from a central control panel.

It’s Different

Even if you already have related links among your content the LinkSpace® portal solution is different.  The Found Engine® allows you to manage the links separately from the content.  That means you can customize the presentation of related content based on user profiles giving premium customers or archive subscribers a higher level of service.  It also means you can perform link checking and maintenance without editing content. 

Enhance your Portal’s Value

Trying to increase portal user satisfaction?  LinkSpace® lets you leverage your resources and create maximum awareness of your portal’s rich content.

  • Organize content to improve navigation and increase awareness of in-depth resources
  • Increase the value of every page by turning it into a touch point
  • Present targeted information to key customers through your existing portal
  • Relate content in context to help users sort and select what is important to them
  • Deliver depth of information where and when a reader is engaged

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