LinkSpace, LLC Privacy Statement

LinkSpace, LLC respects your right to retain your privacy while using this service.  The privacy of the information you share with us is our top priority.  As further described below, any information you provide us will be used only to the extent necessary for us to deliver to you the best and most efficient method of browsing the Internet.  Please note that this Privacy Statement is subject to modification without further notice.  Accordingly, LinkSpace, LLC advises you to review this document regularly.  Should you have any questions about LinkSpace, LLC’s privacy policies, contact us at

You Have Control
At all times while your account is active and in good standing, you have complete control over the kind and amount of information you give to LinkSpace, LLC.  You will also have the ability, at your command, to access and revise the information that LinkSpace, LLC maintains about you.  It is your privacy – you are in control.

How It Works
To get started using the LinkSpace software, you must first have an account with LinkSpace, LLC.  Once you have established an account (or one has been established for you by an employer or other entity), the power of the LinkSpace software is at your disposal whenever you surf the Internet.  When you view an Internet site, the LinkSpace software will notify you of, and link you to, Found Engine™ homes that will present you with links to other relevant sites (Found Engines™ are collections of internet links pertaining to a particular subject). 

 You may create a relationship with the sponsors of a Found Engine™  that interests you.  After such a relationship has been established, you will have access to the internet links contained in the Found Engine™.  In addition, your relationship with the sponsor of a Found Engine™  might permit you to publish content and share links with those LinkSpace software users who have also chosen to form a relationship with the sponsor of a Found Engine™

 You may give the sponsor of a Found Engine™ as much (or as little) personal information as you deem appropriate.  However, keep in mind that (unless otherwise indicated) LinkSpace, LLC cannot control how the sponsor of a Found Engine™ will collect or use information (including information that you permit LinkSpace, LLC to provide to the sponsor of the Found Engine™).  In other words, LinkSpace, LLC is not responsible for the actions of the sponsor of any Found Engine™, and your relationship with the sponsor of a Found Engine™ is completely independent of your relationship with LinkSpace, LLC.  If necessary, you should contact the sponsor of each Found Engine™  to determine whether its privacy policies are satisfactory to you.

 In the event that the sponsor of a Found Engine™ ceases its contractual relationship with LinkSpace, LLC, then LinkSpace, LLC may, by default, become the sponsor of this Found Engine™ and may subsequently seek a replacement sponsor.  You will be notified of any changes to the sponsor of a Found Engine™ with which you have a relationship.

Information Collected
LinkSpace, LLC will collect basic, identifying information from you, such as your name, address, and e-mail address.  You may provide additional, identifying information at your option.  If you decide to publish links or content in a Found Engine™, we will “connect” your identity with the publishing activity in order to maintain accountability for that content.  We may also collect aggregated information regarding the use of our services, but such information will not identify any user.  There may be occasions when LinkSpace, LLC will operate as the billing service for a particular Found Engine™.  As the billing agent, LinkSpace, LLC would require additional data, including credit card information, to facilitate and secure the billing arrangement for that Found Engine™.

Our Use of the Collected Information
We use the information you give us solely to facilitate our provision of services to you.  We will contact you, as necessary, (1) about changes to our services, (2) to provide warning or other pertinent data about service interruptions, (3) to notify you about changes to Found Engines™ with which you have formed a relationship, (4) to notify you about changes to links that you have created, and (5) about abuses with your account.  From time-to-time we may contact you to request your participation in surveys we perform to assess user satisfaction with LinkSpace, LLC Services.  Finally, we will use your information to identify redundant accounts.

Third-Party Access to Collected Information
Except as provided herein, we will not share your individual information with any third party, including a Found Engine™  sponsor, unless we have your consent.  If you publish links or content in a Found Engine™, your identity will be provided to those who may inquire about authorship.  We may provide aggregated information about our users to third parties, but such aggregate information will not identify any particular user.  Also, we may disclose information about you (1) if we believe that we are required to do so by law or other legal process (such as subpoena), or  (2) if we believe, in our reasonable discretion, that such information must be provided to respond to claims or to protect the rights, property or safety of LinkSpace, LLC or others.

LinkSpace, LLC as a Found Engine™ Sponsor
At any time that LinkSpace, LLC is a Found Engine™ sponsor, the information you share, or have shared, with that Found Engine™  will be collected by LinkSpace, LLC and will be governed by the terms of this LinkSpace, LLC privacy policy, unless you are notified to the contrary.

 At its sole discretion, LinkSpace, LLC reserves the right to assign its responsibilities as a Found Engine™  sponsor to a third party.  In such event, information you shared with a sponsor of the Found Engine™  (including LinkSpace, LLC) may come into possession of this third party.  Said third party shall be entitled to change the privacy policy of that Found Engine™ upon notice to you.

 Use of Cookies
To facilitate communication between your computer and our servers, we use a “per-session cookie” each time you logon to our service.  A per-session cookie is a tiny file stored on your computer that facilitates your active session with LinkSpace servers.  This per-session cookie will not be saved by your computer when you logoff.

Deemed Consent
Your use of our service is deemed consent by you to our collection and use (as described herein) of the information you provide to us.  Modifications to this Privacy Statement will be posted on this page.  Your use of our service after the posting of any change herein will constitute your acceptance of that change.


Privacy Statement
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Disclaimer: Each user of LinkSpace, LLC's software is solely responsible for the content he or she publishes using such software. LinkSpace, LLC does not monitor content published with its software. Linked material may not be the property of the party who created the link or who created the website where the link relationship was presented.