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You rely on information from many sources, corporate networks, Web portals, content management systems, shared network folders etc.  Each of those sources are stovepipes of information; themselves poorly organized.

The result?  An information maze with a myriad of barriers and paths to navigate.

Now there is a new way to navigate these paths and hurdle these information barriers using Tag and Connect™. 

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Carve Your Own Path

Tag and Connect lets you cut through the information clutter. This easy-to-use tool allows you to link and organize information, in any format, across document and e-mail folders and intranet and Web portals.

Imagine you’re researching a major purchase…an information-intensive process if there ever was one. Tag and Connect allows you to organize and retrieve your  product research; product reviews; e-mails from vendors and co-workers; related agreements, analysis and more.

Having all your information connected and accessible saves time and aggravation and leads to better decision making by letting you directly compare, contrast and critique information wherever it resides.

Share That Knowledge With Others

The connections you make with Tag and connect™ are stored in a Found Engine™ where they are shared with others, leveraging the value of your effort for all users.  As other users cross your path, Tag and Connect™ is working in the background to reveal the paths you created.  Likewise, you will be alerted to connections created by other users, magnifying the value of the research and knowledge of all contributors.

It’s Easy

Tag and Connect™ is simple to use, and it integrates seamlessly with Microsoft® Office applications. You can continue to create, file, edit and process documents exactly as you do now.

Tag & Connect™ Features & Benefits

Tag and Connect™ gives you power and flexibility to organize the information you use every day. Stop duplicating file searches through your network the Web and file systems. Remember what you have and what you’ve found by tagging and connecting it where you need it.

Share — Remember — Speed access


The  Toolbar and Navigation Bar: Integrated with Microsoft Internet Explorer™ and Microsoft Office®, the Tag and Connect Toolbar and Navigation Bar together are your persistent interface to Tag and Connect.

  • Receive audible and visual alerts when related information is available;
  • View links to related information - in context - in a convenient Explorer Bar;
  • Select documents you are viewing for tagging and connecting;
  • Search for LinkSpace web services that contain the page you are viewing;
  • Access help.

Tag and Connect™: The workspace where you can create view and edit tags and connections.

  • Create new connections;
  • View and edit existing connections;
  • Annotate any file;
  • Create and apply profiles to retrieve custom subsets of related information in your toolbar;
  • Publish and distribute files in any format to others in your community by putting them in the path of discovery.

Multi-homing:  Access both Web and Enterprise Found Engines® simultaneously.  Tag and Connect™ can be directed to any number of Found Engine® Homes hosted either by LinkSpace® or on your corporate network.

  • Simultaneous access to multiple Found Engines®, each a different way of looking at information, brings all perspectives to bear;
  • Search your Found Engines® for information that you have previously found using the Tags that you applied;
  • Customize Tags and apply simple or sophisticated taxonomy to them.


Cross reference distributed collections and use the connections to hurdle the barriers created by many file systems each organized differently:

For example, if you rely on multiple resources to update reports? With Tag and Connect you can connect all those sources  - whether on your desktop, your intranet, or the Web - directly to your report form and they will all be just one click away.

Research and remember - Connect the dots to bring all perspectives together:

As you collect research information, you can quickly compare and contrast information simply by connecting distributed product literature, industry reviews and competitive products to each other.


Tag and Connect is compatible with the following system:

Operating System: Microsoft Windows 95® or later

Browser:  IE 4.0 or later

Microsoft Office® 2000 or later




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